Life has changed dramatically for so many of us since the start of the pandemic caused by COVID 19. Lockdown has meant a time for reflecting as well as living a totally different way of life for so many of us.

This has brought with it many positive as well as negative aspects that have possibly enabled some of us to revaluate our lives and what is and what is not important to us.

Because of this fact, many of us have had time to think about what really makes us content in life and for some this has been challenging as well as being fruitful.

I have discovered through my counselling and psychotherapy services, that I am talking to people with many needs and they are not all not necessarily related to childbirth and pregnancy issues.

Therefore, I have extended my services to include counselling and psychotherapy for people with all needs such as depression, anxiety, weight loss, general family issues and couple counselling to name just a few.

Because of the COVID restrictions, I am still using online resources and telephone calls. I am able to see people face to face if this is what they would prefer and this can be safely achieved observing the social distancing and hygiene issues.

Life begins with birth this is true, but along the way, the river of life has many twists and turns and I can help you navigate them when the going gets rough.

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