Giving Birth Safely

It is a fundamental human right that women give birth in a place that is safe and where help is at hand to assist.

We are fortunate in this country that the maternity and midwifery services available for all women are excellent, safe and accessible.

So, why did a homeless woman give birth before Christmas outside Trinity College in Cambridge to twins who were pre-term by about 11 weeks?

The age of viability is 24 weeks. Therefore, not only were these twins extremely early but they would be of a small birth weight and only able to make a few gasps of breath on their own before help would have been needed from the medical team. Fortunately, passers-by went to the mother’s assistance, an ambulance was called which enabled a transfer of the woman into the maternity hospital.

It is believed that the mother and babies are well. A crowd fundraising page has now been set up to support the family financially. This is of course, great and demonstrates the compassion and care that the general public show to people in dire need.

But, should this really be necessary in this day and age?

We are allegedly a developed country with all the facilities that this brings. And these facilites should be available to all and no one should have to live, give birth and die on the streets.

We, in my view appear to be returning to Victorian times.
More than anything, this country needs an honest government who really do serve the needs of all its people.

Whether we are religious or not, many of us will be familiar with the Christmas story of a mother who gave birth to her child in poverty, seeking refuge in of all places, a stable.

Not a lot appears to have changed.

What do you think?
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