Giving Birth

Some of you reading this post will be pregnant and will be giving birth soon.

For some, this may be your first pregnancy.

I always think that maybe writing a few things down, for instance, about what you would like for pain relief or what positions you might like to adopt whilst giving birth may be useful.

Maybe some of you have thought about a waterbirth after reading how relaxing and soothing it can be?

Writing a birth plan is a good way of making you feel in control. However, you should be aware that your midwife may advise that what-ever you have written it is not necessarily a given.

For example, you may write that you do not want any pain relief.

My own advice would be to have an open mind and see how you feel on the day and not be disappointed in yourself if you do find that you need something to support you through the labour.

I remember with my third baby thinking I could manage without any pain relief. I was wrong and was eventually given some much needed Pethidine. Of course, this may not suit everyone but for me I’m happy to report that all went well and I was in a relatively relaxed state when the baby appeared not long after.

For others of you, this might be your second or third baby.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be anxious. It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about forthcoming births. Perhaps, you had a difficult labour previously and are worried that this might happen again or you are contemplating whether to have a vaginal birth as you had a caesarean section before.

All these anxieties and more can be discussed with your midwife.

As part of my service, I can assist and support you with any worries or concerns that you may have and help you write a birth plan that is going to be useful to you.

If you have had a previous traumatic birth event I am able to discuss this with you and help you think of ways that will be useful towards your next birth.

I can also, of course, discuss all your pain relief options with you.

All labours and births are different for every woman and it is best not to compare yourself to other women but listen to your own body and trust in it to do what it is meant to.

“Giving birth is not a matter of success or failure, of beating records or putting on a splendid performance but of giving oneself, mind and body to a creative experience in which, literally love is made flesh” (Kitzinger 1987).

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